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Bush & Cheney

Why won't you let the impeachment of these two go forward? There are 10's of thousands of Americans that want them impeached. Look at the lying the spying the acconomy, the war, all of the stuff they have done to the American people. You most let the impeachment go forward. Why won't you?


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    There have not to my knowledge been any impeachment acts performed by Bush or Cheney, although I do not doubt that Cheney would commit some if he had the chance

  2. Comment

    Waynevermillion what in the world are you saying? Dennis Kuchinich spent 4 HOURS, this last time, on the Senate floor bringing THIRTY FIVE, 35, articles of Impeachment against BUSH!!! Wake up and DRINK some of that coffee you've been smelling in the morning.

    There is a POSTITIVE vote to this question of 171 so far, there is a need for this question to be answered it has been asked MANY times on this format. WAKE UP MAN!

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    The comments on Rove are applicable here, but in addtion, these guys were elected, and STILL tried to subvert the constitution of the USA and the People of the USA.

    Their actions must be investigated, and if sufficient evidence of culpability is found they must be brought to justice.

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    waynevermillion, surely you're joking. In case you're not then let me educate you on an impeachable act the Bush administration committed:

    Telling Congress and the American people Saddam Hussein posed an IMMINENT threat to our nation although all of Bush's intelligence sources were saying exactly the opposite. This means Bush knowingly LIED to congress. It's a felony to knowingly present false information to Congress. It's a war crime to do so in order to gain support for war against a peaceful nation.

    But then again you probalby didn't finish reading all of that...

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    Absolutely right davism97 and not only that But Iraq was a Soverign Nation with a Soverign Ruler that

    Bus toppled while he posed NO physical threat to us. And I do believe it's just not a felony but his actions were treason.

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