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Eleminate private armies, or at least make them accountable

I see no provision in our constitution allowing for private armies. We have five branches of military and they must follow certain laws, even in combat. It costs many times more to have private companies perform tasks that are the realm of our military.

What are you doing to stop the use of private armies? What are you doing to insure they follow our laws and the laws of the country they operate in? What are you doing to hold them accountable, both in the billions of dollars we have paid them, and accountable for laws they have broken (murder comes to mind, torture too)?


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    These companies should be nationalized. We should just use eminent domain and scoop them up. All of these people should be drafted, i.e., given an equivalent position in the regular army and their pay rationalized. (In other words, they should get whatever their new pay grade specifies.) This is just another example of outsourcing gone wild.

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