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Health Care is Killing Americans

Speaker Pelosi,

More Americans are dying daily due to either a complete lack of Health Insurance or having coverage of procedures and drugs denied by their "for profit" insurance companies than are dying in the war in Iraq.

Why then has the Democratic congress not moved forward with a Single Payer Universal Health Care plan for all Americans?

Also, Will you commit to leading this fight in the next congress and if not please explain why the deaths of thousand of Americans don't matter?

Finally, should you not be able to push Single Payer Health Care through will you at least require in any compromise bill that any insurer who denies coverage of a physician requested action or prescribed medication is committing a felony resulting in a minimum of 10 years jail time to the CEO/President of the company?


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    I had cancer thirty years ago. There is not one health insurance company that will even consider offering me coverage at any price. So I'm stuck in a dead end job in which I will never make enough money to retire, when I could be making triple my salary if I could freelance. And yet, I have to chip in to pay for your very excellent health insurance.

    I'm 63. This means that I'm going to have to wait two more years for Medicare to kick in before I can start earning a decent wage.

    Bottom line: I'm buying your health coverage. When are you going to help me get something similar?

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    As we are trying to get control of heath care cost it seems that American Citizens are being ignored and their health care is given to illegal aliens that should be deported in the first place. This should stop completely. The "anchor baby" should only apply when both parents who are here legally and have worked in this country as citizens for at least 5 years. In other words If you are here illegally you don't have any benefits, health coverage and property ownership.

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    Wanna forget MORALITY? Then, appeal to greed--to competitiveness! Single-Payer Healthcare will make our US companies more competitive w/all the OTHER countries that DO have UNIVERSAL healthcare! This will SAVE OUR JOBS: The money NOW wasted on 1000's of insurance-company paper-pushers could cover all of us.

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    My son died last year from colon cancer. He was 42 years old. He was working as a contract employee at the University of Texas, with basic insurance coverage UNTIL he was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. His insurance was cancelled. He applied for a High Risk Policy and it only became effective after ONE YEAR. We paid for it, but before it went into effect, his father and I, his mother paid out over $225,000 from our savings for his hospitalization and care.

    What I want to know is this. Since the government provides a single payer health care system for everyone over 65; everyone in the military; and everyone who works for the government, such as you and your staff; why is it such a stretch to provide the same program for everyone in the United States? Since the current program covers about 50% of the population, why should we, the other 50% pay for half the population to have coverage, while we go without? This is blatantly unfair!

    PLEASE! Sign up to support H.R. 676, a single payer health insurance program. It will cost no more than all of us presently are paying for insurance. It will cover EVERYONE regardless of preexisting conditions. It will again make our companies competitive in the world if they do not have to pay from $8,000 to $12,000 per year (yes! that is what it really costs.)for each employee to have health insurance. Let's join the CIVILIZED NATIONS of the world and provide health care for our entire population.

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