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In order to restore a three-branches-of-government-style democracy/republic, BUSH/CHENEY MUST BE IMPEACHED! We are paying you to defend our Constitution, and you are failing miserably by ignoring this administration's many crimes. We've lost so can you sit by while Rove and others IGNORE a Congressional subpoena? How could you pass that awful FISA law? Don't you see how this executive branch is grabbing unprecedented power? This is a TURNING POINT IN U.S. HISTORY. DO THE RIGHT THING!

BTW, is there a worse crime imaginable than deliberately lying to start a war in which hundreds of thousands of people die? Please tell me what crime is worse! It's mass murder. Where is your conscience?


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    Like many others, you are incorrect about several things.

    Neither Bush nor Cheney have committed any impeachable crimes.

    Regarding going to war in Iraq, he didn't lie anymore than those in the senate,

    and given the intelligence information he was given, it is not evident that Bush

    knowingly lied at all about anything.

    Regarding thousands of people dying,

    about 45,000 die every year on our highways, but no one has called for a

    moritorium on driving cars.

    Hundreds are killed in our cities every year, but no one has called for Americans

    to pull out of those cities.

    During the Clinton years, almost twice as many active duty military personnel died, without being sent to war,

    as have died during the Bush years, with the Iraq war.

    How many other things are you thinking are so which are not?

    Maybe this one: think we get most of our oil from Saudi Arabia, or some other Middle East country?

    Think again.

    We import more oil from Canada than any other country, and until recently, Mexico was in the number

    two slot.

    BTW, don't you see how the Supreme Court has grabbed unprecedented power?

    Mark Levin is a constitutional lawyer. Why not read his book about the Supreme Court and its justices?

    This is not a question that will get asked, because the Democrats who know constitutional law, know

    that the above mentioned have not broken any laws.

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