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The Bush administration has committed numerous crimes - felonies, not misdemeanours, and has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people as well as the heinous cruelty of torture of many innocent people. Bush, himself, is literally supporting terrorism in Iran by supporting the MEK which has been bombing several locations inside Iran.

He is working hard to justify a war against Iran and may well begin such unexpectedly without any authorization from Congress. If he does, there will be war in the entire Middle East, and then globally. This war will almost certainly become a nuclear war with ensuing radioactivity of the whole planet and the end of all life on earth.

It is your sworn Congressional duty to Impeach for these horrendous crimes and gross violations of the Constitution.

Congress has a duty of oversight of the executive branch. Such oversight has been woefully conspicuous by its absence, in spite of repeated promises of holding the Bush administration accountable.

There is no time to lose if we want to survive!

If we do not act now, it will be too late. War against Iran will likely begin just before the November election or shortly after, certainly before Barrack Obama takes the oath of office as president.

Now there is no time to dream about bipartisanship!

Will you fulfill your duty?

Ian Campbell Cree, MB(Hons.), MS, FRCS(Eng. & C.), FACS, LRCP.


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    The only sure way to stop Bush from launching a war with Iran is to impeach him and Cheney right now. Not impeaching them is equivalent to encouraging them to go to war with Iran. This just goes back to the impeachment issue.

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    Lack of action on this issue proves that the Democrats are bought and paid for by the same corporate interests that own the Bush administration.

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    Since impeachment is off the table, can Congress at least try to prevent these maniacs from starting World War III?

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