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Recovering the stolen money

It has become fairly apparent to all Americans that the budgets of defense and homeland security are gigantic boondoggles, designed to funnel money directly to the GOP and its supporters. The corruption larded throughout this Administration's history has not only eliminated our 2000-era surplus, but has impoverished our nation.

We are told we cannot invest in health care, education, retirement, energy research, infrastructure care - even federal firefighting! - because we are so broke.

If this were a business, the stockholders would demand a full investigation, complete with forensic accountants, to trace and recover these stolen funds, no matter where they were hidden. We cannot allow the criminals who have broken this nation to escape with their loot intact!

Can you detail how you plan to uncover the extent of these massive thefts, and use the full force of the US government to get the people's money back? Only recovering our ill-spent taxes can give us the funds we need for the future.


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    Our tax money is being spent on unecessary and outlandish "defense" contracts. It's a good time to be an engineer working in the defense industry or a hired mercanarie free from the Geneva convention rules.

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    We are told we cannot invest in health care, education, retirement, energy research, infrastructure care - even federal firefighting! - because we are so broke.

    That's not true.

    Our government always has all the money they want; they borrow it from the Federal Reserve Board. We don't actually pay for very much. But our children and grandchildren will be paying.

    Regarding the things you want to use the tax money for, that money will be wasted also, and besides that, our government has a poor track record of success in those kind of areas.

    However, if a nation is at war, as we are, we can not afford to lose.

    Also, it is a primary function of our government to protect and defend us.

    When we have been assaulted, and we have, no matter who you think did it, we as a nation have an obligation to

    respond, and diplomacy and appeasement are not the way to respond.

    The war in Iraq is not just about weapons of mass destruction. It is about the treaty after we turned back the Iraq army that

    invaded Kuwait. We ought to have pushed back further at the time.

    Saddam violated 17 points of that treaty for 12 years; we should have responded during the Clinton years, but Clinton failed to be the leader he should have been as president.

    I am tired of people saying Bush lied when we went to war. Had I been president, I would have probably gone after Saddam sooner

    because he violated the treaty. If the commander in chief for the U.S. appears weak to other nations, then that actually does

    make us weaker, because we teach the rest of the world they can violate our treaties, they can invade our allies, they can

    commit acts of war against us, and we won't do anything about it. That's no way to run a nation!

    Taxes are needed for some infrastructure and for national defense. Taxes are not for poorly run government charities.

  3. Comment

    Please be assured it is not only the Republicans who benifit from this boodoggle. There are many Democrats on the take also. I am always hearing throw the Bums out, we do and the replace them with some more Bums. Our country will continue to go down the drain until we can find someone who will step up to the plate and do something about all the graft in our Goverment.

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