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Restoring the Constitution and the Balance of Power

The single most important task of Congress is to protect and defend the Constitution. A strong Constitution protects the Nation, and thus We The People and as such, is paramount for our national security. Congress is the voice, the will, the protector, and the conscious of We The People. Given the Congress' acquiescence to all measure of executive overreaching for the past 7-1/2 years, what will the Congress finally do to restore the balance of power by reigning in a near-unitary executive, by holding them to account for any crimes committed against the Constitution and against We The People, and by using punitive measures to prevent such crimes from ever happening again? Given the past 7-1/2 years, what assurances can you give us that crimes against the Constitution and the American people will not be swept under the rug to be repeated by a future administration, dangerously emboldened by history's precedent of getting away with it?


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    The Speaker of the House along with Senator Reid has flagrantly and repeatedly abdicated their responsibilities to check this administration. Why should we believe that you deserve any future leadership role in the Congress based on your current and past performance? What will you do to repair your tattered reputation with the people who put the Democratic Congress in place?

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    Central, primary question. Given what the current Democratic leadership in both the House and the Senate have done, or not done, why would you continue in your positions of leadership, when you have shown no leadership, and have yet another problem that must be fixed?

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    That was a beautifully written question. I don't actually have anything to add to it. It's a question I'm sure many of our Founding Fathers would like answered as well were they alive today. Let's hope Congress hears it and responds.

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    We the People should consider constituting our own tribunals to try Bush, Cheney and key members of their administration for their crimes, and maybe we should simply bypass Congress. Since Congress seems incapable of carrying out this on its own, it may be necessary to go around them to do it.

    These people (I call them The Bandits) took over control of the executive for their own, personal interests and the interests of their business partners and friends. They robbed the country of literally trillions of dollars in lost assets and money wasted on a needless war (when they obviously knew it was needless), by outright fraud and embezzlement, by carelessness in the execution of government agencies, and by misusing or ignoring regulations of key segments of the economy. They caused loss of life, both for Americans and others, by launching an unneeded military attack on Iraq. They failed to stop a serious attack on the mainland of the United States that cost nearly four thousand lives directly and countless others as a consequence. The intentional misuse of government assets and powers is one of the most criminal actions taken since the close of the Second World War. But Congress has failed to hold anyone in the administration accountable. If this continues beyond the close of the current session of Congress, it may be time for Americans to constitute their own tribunals and hold those responsible to account.

    This is the outcome that could come if Congress fails to hold these people accoutable.

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    It seems that any consideration of such actions has been trumped by fear of the conservative/Republican machine going into a fit over "partisan retribution". And it is election year - we cannot do this in an election year! Cowardice feeds on itself. Next, when Obama wins (which I still hope, in spite of the Great Disillusionment over his FISA position), it will be "let's move forward, there are more important problems to deal with". Sorry, I think the election year is precisely the perfect time to start a debate over what is at the core of our identity as a nation. By pushing these issues aside, the Democratic leadership in the Congress has done us a lot of harm. What a great choice we have! Either (R) people who transgress laws in their power grab or (D) people who condone this, having been terrorized by the efficient noise machine controlled by the original transgressors! Mrs. Pelosi has repeatedly caved in to our home version of terrorism, on war funding, FISA, impeachment, subpoena enforcement... The list goes on. Unfortunately, in times when the Constitution is under attack, we need heroic people in Congress, and Pelosi is just a run-of-the-mill politician.

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    It's obvious there are a lot of unhappy constituents. And it's clear that our representative government has stopped working. Please help enact the National Initiative. It's the only way our government will ever get fixed appropriately. The people need to take some power back from the government.

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    Congress has repeatedly failed to rein in the Supreme Court, another area where balance of power needs to be restored.

    And they should get rid of the Federal Reserve Board, which isn't even a Federal agency!

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    how would the other three branches put a check on the people?

    our laws are not just made up, i.e., might and majority do not always

    make for right.

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    This was posted elsewhere but it does offer a solution.

    National Initiative for Democracy may sound like a silly idea because we are already have a Democracy, don’t we? Or did that fall by the wayside when we surrendered are Constitutional Rights to CORPORATISTS Bush and Cheney? Since we evidently have no practicing representation because the Democratic Party and the Republican Party has merged into one. This new joint ‘partnership’ can be called the CORPORATION PARTY (although Washington and Adams would turn in there graves if they knew). I think debbie.wonderkitty has presented a very practical idea and I would suggest that this new branch of government would be known as THE DEPARTMENT OF THE OMBUDSMAN. Since a balance of power concept has proven to be faulty and our government was never intended to be ANYTHING except a government “OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE”, the Department of Ombudsman should have veto power over any decisions made by the other branches. Of course for the first Director of the Ombudsman Department should be the only Ombudsman that the American people ever had. This man has worked for us tirelessly for over 20 years with no official capacity and that is RALPH NADER. I think the American people OWE HIM ONE.

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    Congress is not the protector of the people. They act on behalf of special interests such as political parties, campaign donors, or generally anyone that will keep them in power. Unfortunately the Judicial branch of government has become our protectors. Time and time again we see congress pass laws that violate the constitution and the only thing that protects us against that are the courts - sometimes.

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    bojo1235 - There is wording in the National Initiative to prevent unconstitutional laws from being created. It has to go through the same vetting process as any law that congress creates, where the judicial branch can strike it down if it is unconstitutional.

    Keep in mind that there are 24 states today that have ballot initiative processes. If laws are unconstitutional, they get rejected at the state supreme court level. This would be very similar in process.

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