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Since Rove, Myers and Bolton have all ignored subpoenas made by House committees, when do you plan to arrest these fugitives and force them to comply?


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    Add a reference to Inherent Contempt -- the principle which allows Congress, on its own authority, using the Sergeant at Arms, to arrest and detain people found in contempt of Congress.

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    The Speaker gives every evidence by her behavior of having been bought or frightened by the Administration into the High Crime of Malfeasence in Office. Why should your failure be seen as anything other than the deliberate abandoning the work of the people to support the unconstitutional acts of this administration?

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    And if you choose not to do this -- move out of the way!

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    I hear that you are against contempt for Rove. If true, this is contemptible. Please do your job and send the Sergeant-at-Arms for him, and the rest of him. What is going on up there??

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    Sorry, the rest of *them* - it's hard to type straight when you are really, really angry, and this board does not seem to allow editing.

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    Speaker Pelosi is definitely looking spineless in the face of the Republicans. Compromising in order to win an election is understandable, but laying down and letting criminals do what they want isn't a compromise. It's criminal to the American people and Pelosi herself should be held accountable for her inactions.

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    How about censuring Rove, Myers, Bolton et al since you've taken impeachment and subpoenas off the table? Are you going to do NOTHING while they continue to violate the law and then laugh while they get away with everything?

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    I agree that Nancy Pelosi should have Karl Rove arrested. This would show the american people that she is tough and is willing to protect the american people, the constitution, and the legislative branch of the government from thugs.

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    Are you aware that more than 135,000 people have signed the petition to hold Rove in contempt of Congress and send him to jail. Do you know or care that your San Francisco constituents are very tired of your unresponsiveness? Do you realize that for it's a miracle to get that many people to sign a petition when so many more are totally disgusted / disillusioned with government?

    It's about time for your to do your job. Call the Sgt of Arms and get Rove in jail. He's stolen elections, jailed Democratic governors and he's still pontificating hateful wedge issues on Fox. He's closed the Republican state conventions to the media. We can only image the newest round of dirty tricks he's conjuring up.

    Go check out and read the comments, some from older people who've never written to a politician before. It's an education you obviously need instead of giggling on The Daily Show about empowering women when the Republicans are undermining women at every turn. Birth control = abortion? Start calling them on outrages like this.

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    And while our "fearless" "leaders" are at it, they should take a gander at the over quarter-million signatures on Wexler's impeachment petition. Those are *real*, *unique* signatures, too - I used to watch the number go down as they cleaned out the dupes and cranks every night.

    251199 right now.

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