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When will you start opposing the Republicans?

The Democratic Congress of 2006 was elected on a clear anti-Bush mandate. Unfortunately, you seem to have misread that mandate. You have apparently been making it a priority to pass any legislation, even if it's bad Bush-backed legislation, rather than making it a priority to *stop* the worst Republican schemes.

You bottled up impeachment hearings, and you failed to use inherent contempt on subpoena-violators, but more importantly you passed the warrantless wiretapping law, every Iraq spending request, and several other bills which the majority of Democrats opposed very strongly. We know that you had the power to stop at least some of those, using your agenda-setting powers. The Republicans used those powers to stop our bills.

Can we trust you, in future, to start using your powers as Speaker to at least prevent the worst of the worst legislation? Why should we trust you to do so? Why shouldn't we ask our Representatives to elect a different leadership?


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