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Who gave Pelosi the authority to take Impeachment off the table?

I can't seem to find the clause anywhere that gives her the power to decide this. Rep. Kucinich has done everything "by the book" and impeachment should be moving forward. Why is Pelosi trying to impead what should be her consititutional duty.


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    the Speaker has broad powers to decide what comes to the floor.

    there are ways to bring things to the floor over the objection of the Speaker, but Kucinich has not pursued any of those options, presumably because he knows that he doesn't have enough support.

    so if there aren't even enough votes to bring it to the floor over the Speaker's objections, that probably means there aren't enough votes to pass it.

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    The rules of the House of Represenatives give her the power. She can be over rulled by a majority vote but that isn't likely. No point in asking a question with so obvious an answer.

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    Talk about a tautology. Why do you think they aren't enough votes? Would it have anything to do with party/caucus discipline being enforced by Pelosi? If you want to give her a pass on this fine, but do it honestly. She is the obstacle and you know it. Your reasoning is insulting.

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