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Why Did the Bush Administration Begin Spying on Americans Before 9-11?

Why haven't you investigated this? Bush's entire excuse for spying on Americans was that he was trying to protect us from the terrorists who attacked us. But the spying started well before that and you don't seem to care about that fact!

What possible reason would the neo-cons (with the assistance of the telecoms) have had for spying on Americans in violation of the law prior to 9-11?


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  1. How can we ignore this issue, especially when the GOP tries to sell unwarranted, warrantless, illegal surveillance on Americans as a necessary step in our protection - when this pre-9/11 surveillance did NOTHING to stop the attacks on that day.

    We suspect that the spying started for political reasons, and really, the question should be amended to ask her bluntly - were Democratic office holders or candidates scrutinized or spied upon? Including you, MS. Speaker.

    6 years ago
  2. Suggest you state HOW we know this. I think the case against the Qwest CEO indicated that Qwest was asked BEFORE 9/11. I am not sure of this, but it is worth checking. Backup is needed; otherwise, it might be denied.

    6 years ago
  3. Call Up Idea Submitter


    NYT: Former Phone Chief Says Spy Agency Sought Surveillance Help Before 9/11


    WashPost: Former CEO Says U.S. Punished Phone Firm - Qwest Feared NSA Plan Was Illegal, Filing Says


    6 years ago
  4. Because he is a controlling jerk.

    6 years ago
  5. This president clearly is one of the slimiest individuals ever to hold a public office. NOTHING being reported surprises me anymore. It is clear that this president is an elitist and he has complete disdain for the unclean masses. If Pelosi doesn't start impeachment hearings soon it will just set the precedent that everything this idiot and his incompetent administration have done are acceptable and no one will ever be held accountable in such an office again. They never should have pardoned Nixon. Just a further bad precedent that being a lying, cheating miscreant is acceptable in politics.

    6 years ago
  6. I wish that the folks at Qwest would start a lawsuit claiming discrimination against them for refusing to be a part of the illegal wire tapping program. Why should their competitors be able to get out of all of these court cases? Qwest had government contracts taken away from them for not participating.

    6 years ago

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