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Why is there a public perception that the Republicans are effectively still in control of Congress?

When the Republicans led Congress, they were quite successful, using procedural and political tactics, in blocking the Democratic Party's agenda.

Why is it that the Republican Party, now the minority, seem to maintain this power? Allowing the minority party a seat at the table may seem like the civil and polite way to govern, but it has resulted in the public perception of a deadlocked, do-nothing Congress, or worse, one in which the majority party capitulates to the minority party even when polling shows that the majority party has the backing of the majority of the population. What have you done to alter this perception?


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  1. Comment

    Makes the Democratic Party look ludicrous! And it is...when it allows all of this to happen. Question is not: What have you done to alter this perception, but: Why have you colluded with the Republican Party in forming this perception?

  2. Comment

    As long as Democrats in Congress keep capitulating to the Republicans even when the Democrats are the majority, it is really hard to make the case to vote for Democrats. If I wanted Congress people who vote like and with Republicans, I might as well just vote Republican.

    Start having some integrity and dance with the one who brung you

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    Our Country will never again be strong until Democrats and Republicans learn to work for the Country and not for the Party

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