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Windfall profits and war profiteers

Why haven't we taxed windfall profits and demanded salary caps for executives of oil companies and others (Haliburon/KBR, Blackwater, Bechtel, Titan, Aegis, Custer Battles, General Dynamics, Nour, etc) who are reaping obscene profits from the prosecution of the war. Why not repeal the subsidies, demand repayment of same and tax the profits and tell them they can make their money back when Iraqi oil starts paying for the war? As it stands now, they will be reaping those benefits soon enough. Why should tax payers pay the bill AND send their kids AND THEN pay 3 times for gas what they were paying before we went?


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    Exactly....why not repeal the obscene subsidies, demand repayment of same, and tax the profits. This at the very least. And, please! no forming of a bi-partisan committee to "look into" this. Do this, with a sharp eye to uncovering criminal activities by these companies, and individuals in these companies. Hearings of this nature were held, and televised, chaired by Patrick Leahy (?). Blatant, gross, and egregious acts and omissions committed by many companies, resulting in harm and several deaths to American troops, e.g., being electrocuted in the shoddily constructed shower facilities.

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    We shouldn't be running private companies and directing their salaries because we are not a full blown socialist country yet,

    or are we?

    Neither oil companies or any other companies have to do what they do. They don't have to work. They choose to work.

    Have you ever read Atlas Shrugged? What if the rest of us who work, and support those who don't produce anything, were to decide to take a very long vacation? Then who would pay the taxes?

    BTW, do you know that Canada is our major importer of oil? I just wondered if you knew that, because most people who write

    that nonsense like you've written don't usually know that. Maybe you do, just wondered.

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